Thresholds for structured workouts: how are they set?

How are the speeds for the structured workouts set? Are they default, or depend on my personal best? I have now started the run academy and was wondering if the speeds are the same for everybody or if it is set based on the PB I did I put (or perform) on Zwift.


Definitely based on personal performance, we’ve all been running at different paces in the workouts. Which makes sense. There’s no “keep together”. I don’t know exactly what data they have used.

Based on your best efforts. If you better them you have the option to save the new times.

You can also manually change them.

I have to say I find the ZA run workouts quite easy.

Thank you all. So, if my personal best is a couple of years old and meanwhile I did stop practicing, I better revise it!

If you do a workout and find it too difficult then perhaps yes.

I’ve just spotted (via looking at the workouts on whatsonzwift dot com) that the workout interval paces are specifically defined as %age of 10k pace. So any newbie zwift runner who does a 5k baseline run and then tries the workouts without manually setting a 10k value may be struggling.

Interesting! In my case I had my best done ages ago, so had to adjust as was quite hard having become slower in the meanwhile