This is almost garbage

UPDATE: My first post on the forum, read below, was flagged as being inappropriate? Is this forum filled with Zwift programmers or just people who are very easily offended. Not entirely sure what or why anyone find my comments to be so offensive? If you disagree with any of my arguments, speak up - don´t try and kill the opinions of others, you disagree with.

I´ve just completed my first ride on Zwift - on my first ever home trainer, Kickr v.4 - and what an overall disappointment. Not due to the trainer, which seems quite good. But who the ■■■■ came up with a program that´s so poorly designed. It reminds me of my kids 6 year old Ninento wii. The UI makes no sense - and seems to be designed by someone who has absolutely no experience. I can´t even figure out how to leave one ride, if I want to try another one. Swift shuts down, and then I have to re-open the program ?? Tried joining a race - race time came and went, and have no idea why I wasn´t connected to it ?

Is this seriously the best “game” for home trainers? It reminds me of my neewly aquired Garmin 1030, which lags more than my old 131 mhz computer trying to run doom. Who the ■■■■ are developing all the things for cyclist - have they all been living under a rock ?

Please try all the other games for cycling and then you can decide if it’s the best game. Actually it might be the only “game”.


It’s not perfect but it’s certainly the best out there right now.

I remember not having anything to play or train with while exercising for most of my life. This has really changed the game when it comes to riding inside the house.


@Andres_4676 - Thats what i feared - Zwift being the best options, as I´ve been told this by several friends.

Is the market for cycling that small? Amazing innovation is happening within all industries - and somehow it just doesn´t make sense to me, that the technology being offered to cyclist isn´t better.

I´ll have to settle I guess

In the grand scheme of things, Zwift IS an innovation, and a pretty new one at that. It is so much better than what was available previously, and it is constantly evolving. Perhaps not as quickly as as some would like, but it is moving forward. Rumor has it there is even an updated UI waiting to be introduced after the COVID surge subsides a bit.

In the meantime, this forum is a great place to come and ask questions to help improve your experience, as we’ve all been there and learned a thing or two along way. There are certainly some quirky things about Zwift, but once you understand them it’s easy to move beyond and actually get to the enjoyable part.


If only. :rofl: