This cheap bike, will it do on a kickr snap?

This is the cheap bike I think Im going to buy. Will it do on the kickr snap? Tyres will work? The spoke or whatever, will it mount and the axel will work etc?

Just double checking…
This cheap road/cyclocross bike…


wanting to get it soon so…will it work? Does it have the right tyre?

What about this bike from decathlon, will this one mount on the kickr snap and will the tyre do or will I have to buy a new one…want to get on zwift as soon as!

Says this about the tyre…

Hybrid sport 700 x 32 tyres.The tread has small studs for increased performance. The sides of the tyres have larger studs for better grip in bends on consolidated or loose ground and on gravel.

Ideally your back tire will be slick at the part of the tread where it meets the trainer.