Thinkrider x3 pro - calibration problem

Hi, i’m new Zwifter - i bought Thinkrider x3 pro - its conecting to Zwift properly - but when i cycling its very hard comparision to real life - my wats are weak in Zwift to lower than in real life in about 40%. I decide to calibrate it - but i cant manage to do that properly - the application thinkridertools - could not connetc, and application thinkrideradj - connect properly but when i do calibration its always write “fail”, maybye someone solve the problem ? Please help .

hello dear. i’m in similar situation.
my connection work properly but when i try the calibration i spin up speed over 36km/h and the app show me to stop pedaling but nothing else happen.
so i don’t know if the calibration it done with success.

another issue that i remarke its that on long ride with some hi level climb for the first 25 km all seems to work nice but after that i remark the trainer always braked at 0 percent also like i were at 5 % climb…and of course when the road virtually clmb at 5%i must pedaling like 10% .
so in short ride i have over 2.5 w/k but in long ride i have over 2.5 wk for 25km and 1.1 wk for the rest of the route with a final 1.6 w/k average but with my legs broken.

have you solved your issue ?
have you similar situation like me?

thank and …of ourse … ride on!
paolo -italy-

Hey Guys,

I have the same issue. Any solutions please suggest .

Hi all! I also bought the thinkrider X3 pro and I have the same problem in calibration. In the app, I spin until 36km/h then I stop pedal and try keep at constant speed of 18 km/h (I think!!! It can not see well) as the app says and nothing happened. I think the smartrainer X3 pro estimate a very low FTP because in real life my speed is much higher at the same cadence.

Hola. Yo tengo también el thinkrider X3 pro y lo que he podido detectar es que con el paso de los días ,la dureza del rodillo va a más . Es decir es más duro que cuando sales ala calle . Llevo dos días calibrando antes de empezar en zwfit y es más suave. Eso sí pedaleo hasta 36 kmh. Y luego dejo a pedalear hasta llegar a 0kms.y la verdad que los porcentajes son más reales .

Hello to all.
I’ve not solved my issues yet but I’ve done some steps ahead.

I wrote to the email address:

They will ship to me new electronics parts to change the broken one inside the trainer.

I don’t know why the electronics was broken but… Investigating on others forum of others trainer brand I’ve known that changing the “trainer difficulty” on zwift menu can broke electronics on elite wheel on trainer. (Look for “Riparazione rulli elite” on you tube and read the comments)

I don’t know if this is the real issue…i need your help to investigate more with your situation.

The SERVICE tell me that there is no calibration option or procedure for thinkRider X3.
The App can be used only to upgrade the firmware if necessary.

So the power problem may be due to electronics fault.

I’ve disassembled the control unit and I’ve seen the step motor with magnet in middle position but even rotate it back near the opto coupler ( zero position) nothing changes on bootstrap Powering the trainer.
Next test will be verify if the stepper motor is good or not ( unmounting it and powering separately ).

Stay tuned…

Your issue are starded after changing trainer difficult on zwift?

The x3 can’t be calibrated!


i’ve solved my issue.
the service shipped to me a new electronic set and i’ve repaired myself the trainer.

reading on various forum to look for a solution i’ve found one 3d that was talking about another brand trainer .
seems that the fault condition was generated by changing the trainer difficult percentage on zwift options to 100 %.

may be the fault reason on my x3 because i remember i had play with thi spercentage.
i don’t want to try that anymore…
but… i’ve ask to the service but without answer at the moment.

you have changed the zwift difficult percentage?

I have the same issue. However, I did not change the percentage difficulty. I’ve been using the X3 since Christmas and guessed my FTP. Was doing workouts for 1 hour or more with an FTP of 220. Then after a 12 week workout program I got an FTP of only 170. Since then my average power seems to have gone down and down. At the 120W mark the X3 seems more difficult than at 150W in ERG. This week I did some group rides without ERG and couldn’t keep up even at 1.5W/kg. I’m hoping it is the trainer and have just emailed that support address.