Thinkrider trainer pairing (to iOS, not to Zwift)

Hello Friends… I have a Thinkrider X3, and it is requiring me a CODE to pair the Equipment.

Where i can find this CODE ? (I already tried 0000, 1234 …)


Hi @Vilde_Pinheiro welcome to Zwift forums.
Are you trying to pair the trainer to iOS, in the way that you pair Bluetooth earbuds? That is when a password prompt would be expected. Don’t do that.

Pair the trainer to the Zwift app instead. You may find the directions on our support hub useful.


Hi my friend… thanks for helping me!!!
I’m trying to pair the Trainer inside Zwift App. When i turn on the equipment, shows me this message inside Zwift app!!!

“…eseja emparelihar com seu iphone” translates to “…wants to pair to your iPhone.”

This is not the Zwift app pairing process.This is the iPhone’s operating system trying to pair to your trainer. Hit cancel on this prompt, and click the Power Source button . What happens then?

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Now I understand… when i try inside the Zwift he don’t find.

Hopefully Zwift is working for you? Enjoy!

Your image helped very much! Thank you for including that so we can see what you’re seeing.

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Hi my Shuji !!! I’m still not conecting to Zwift. When i open the window (orange) he don’t find the trainer.
Any suggestion ? Thanks again for helping me…


The Thinkrider is not a company I’m familiar with, and their products are not on our list of supported trainers. So you may want to confirm with the manufacturer how to put the trainer in pairing mode. Does your trainer have LED lights that indicate the trainer’s status?

Assuming this trainer broadcasts an open standard of Bluetooth, the Zwift app should be able to see and pair with it. Typical way to do it is described here.

Bluetooth creates a 1:1 connection - meaning if it’s paired with iOS, a bike computer, a different app on your phone, anything really - then the Bluetooth signal is not available to the Zwift app. Please double-check that nothing else is paired to the trainer.

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