There are two of me out there.....

Hello:  I did a few events over the weekend and I noticed that I seem to take up two spaces (finished together) in the final results.  Am I doing something incorrectly at the pairing step?  I have a controllable “inside ride” smart rollers but also a crank arm (Stages) power meter.  I’m fairly sure that I selected “Controllable” and then the correct one, i.e. Not the power meter, but I’m new at this Zwift thing and not sure that I am doing it correctly.

please advise…

Hi Scott,

Can you please explain a bit better as to how you’re taking up two spaces? Where are you seeing this? What final results?

HelloEric:  I rode the 
Zwift - WBR 3 Laps Hilly #pst on December 10th (finished around 1pm PST)   The results for the event showed my final position and another S. Goldstein in the position right next to me.  Seemed like an odd coincidence.  If it happens again, I’ll try to get a screenshot.