The Ultimate Challenge: Giving advantage already

Just saw @Eric_Schlange updated topic The Ultimate Challenge: Own the Drop Shop | Zwift Insider
and for a while take a look at drop shop that what all I might still miss.
Well I noticed that more than I should have :grimacing:
I’m 100% sure that I have owned Felt IA and probably would have also some pic of it at Strava…
but nope, that’s not at my garage…
So if YOU have loaned it and I just don’t remember, I’d like to have it back :roll_eyes:

Well, seriously I don’t mind that it’s gone and I do… but is there any log or what ever where I could check of my shopping or what I have owned?!?

I already have most of the needed bikes so I’m not buying anything else.

It would be nice to remove junk bikes like the Colnago which IIRC was tied to some Haute Route challenge. Things like the Factor would be good to remove also.

Of the bikes you can buy I only need Cadex TT bike, S-Works Venge, Aethos and possibly Uranium bike along with Canyon Lux.

The rest just clutter the garage.

I would have like the original Canyon Aeroad but it has gone.