The statistics on how to win cat enforcement events

They are designed to allow a warm up, race and cool down within an hour (ish).

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Maybe there’s room for a weekend series with longer races.


We generally look to the Community to fill that gap.

We don’t have any intention of creating longer races presently.

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I think we should have Discourse set to auto-close threads other than the Feature Request ones after 6 months. This thread’s a year old!

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I will target this from September/October when we will have bigger numbers back on Zwift

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I understand the one hour limitation you’re using, but it creates uninteresting races that don’t train people for outdoor events. My strategy is more like a 30 minute warmup, hope for a race of 90 minutes (it’s usually less, which is acceptable, but at least an hour of race time) and skip the cooldown which seems like training mythology with no physiological benefit. I’d love it if there were occasional Zwift HQ events that were longer. The fields wouldn’t be as big as the usual short races because of many riders time demands, but if those events showed up from time to time with the kind of promotion that you put into the short race series, I think there would be significantly more turnout than in the community events which often have only a handful of riders in the larger categories. I agree with the suggestion to put on events like this on the weekends when people have time for it. A weekend fondo series would also be fine, I don’t care if it’s a race as long as it’s like a race.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share it with the Competition Team.

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I think vikings endurance series starts mid May will be on Fridays.

May 19-June 23.

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You can also try « la cyclosportive by foudre » on Sundays. the courses are chosen to be 2h long, all categories together and there is enough time for breakaways to create, sometimes they go to the end, sometimes not, etc.


I second the vote for occasional longer races. There are some long events like this currently in the Tour of “X” series and, they seem well attended. My favorite “racing” experience to date in Zwift was Stage 3 Long (Quatch Quest) in ToW this year. And, while I know the Tour events aren’t technically races, if you’re up at the front of them, you’ll definitely find race mentality.

I’m really enjoying the Zwift Racing series - I did all of Race London and Cobble Crusher in March and April and I’m looking forward to Crit Club now that we’re in May . . . but it would be fun to have some Quatch Quest type lengths in official Zwift races . . . even it was a parallel series.

As to the original topic, I guess it’s possible that I’m one of the lucky ones who’s w/kg just happens to put them near the top of a category where I feel I’m competitive for the podium. But, I’m not cruising or playing the system - my HR is absolutely pegged at crucial push points within the race for me to stay in contention.

I’m a marathon guy built for the long consistent pace grind. Zwift Racing is definitely forcing me to get better at optimizing different energy systems so that I can handle those 1-5 minute bursts and it’s difficult work for me. No cruising here. If I didn’t push myself to my limits, I’d not only be off the podium, I’d be dropped straight into the nether realm :smiley: .

My alternative, sample size of one feedback is that I’m enjoying the heck out of racing and feel like it pulls that little bit more out of me. I’m also not afraid of promotion if/when it happens. I’m actually planning on racing each stage of Crit Club in both the B and A Cat races - B for the competitive rush and A just to see how badly I can be humbled . . . and to try and push myself that little bit further.

It may not be perfect but Zwift Racing is definitely keeping me motivated these past couple months and I’m looking forward to my rides. Being able to test myself once or twice a week racing even makes those 90 minute Zone 2 rides during the week feel more purposeful.

the KISS 100 takes place on sunday at both 6 AM and 14:15 GMT/BST and is always well attended. fusion coloquick run a 60-70km long race every thursday (?) evening, about 6-7pm. DBR usually run something on a saturday morning also

i’ve done a lot of KISS 100s… a breakaway often wins. it lasts between 2:30-3hrs most weeks.

you can also just do back to back events for a longer day. that’s my preferred way of doing things when i’m decent shape

I liked the KISS 100 on Sunday, but I would not say it was well attended. There were 31 people on the course for C category (Country to Coastal x 3) and there were 12 finishers. It would be great to have 2X that number, so I’m curious what would happen if Zwift promoted it as an HQ event. Putting it on Quatch Quest wouldn’t help, but two laps of Eastern Eight might strike a balance between distance and difficulty. It would have to avoid gravel sections to appease the haters. Even one lap of Eastern Eight would be better than a race designed to fit well within an hour.

Every Sunday at 8:45 UTC / 9:45BST / 10:45 CEST
The target is up to 2h races and +50km for A, B, C and shorter for D, E.

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If you like longer races, find them and race in them. Reward the organizers that put them on and more will be put on.

You can find them on zwiftpower using the distance (e.g. 40km, 60km, 80km, etc.) Or on zwifthacks using the size tab and (e.g.) click on Medium (40-70km).