The problem with zwift training plans

Pretty much nails it here…

Well, it’s not specifically a problem for the Zwift training plans. It’s a known problem for every plan that is not specifically made for YOU! Every individu is unique and we all live and train to our needs. How can a plan work that is not made for you but just an average plan for “everybody”? The only thing i can say, if you want to make the best of your available time on the bike, get in contact with a coach/trainer and have a personal plan made for you. I’m not a coach but i do work with a coach and all i can say, that investment is way more productive than a new set of wheels or a new bike. It doesn’t have to cost you a ton. You want to get better? Get a coach!

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totally agree, but the point he was making was that regardless of not being indivdualised the workouts are designed to stop you getting bored rather than get you fitter. Intervals structure doesn’t make sense and lack of proper base building could lead to over training and injury.Which if you compare them to say a TR plan (whilst TR is indeed not optimal imo) the structure of their base, build, specificity and simplicity of their workout structure is far better than zwifts. looking at the plans myself I’ve always thought that they are really poorly constructed.


Agree with you! Moreover - I use a generic training plan from David Warden - it’s the same plan for everyone for about $80, no customization whatsoever. At least, it is science based, and it follows some key principles. And I can see which workouts help more vs. less specifically in my personal case and adjust accordingly. With Zwift plans, there is just nothing that can be done to make them helpful.