The Optimal FTP Winter Program

Help!  This winter I want to do a great winter program; however, as I look at the options: FTP Builder and FTP Advanced it appears to be a light option and heavy option.  In the FTP Builder there are hardly any Zone 5 and 6 efforts (this seems too easy, yet I’m not an expert) and the FTP Advanced has rides that are almost always over 1:30.  

All this being said, I was hoping to find an option that has rides between 1 and 1:30 hours yet give you the efforts that are found in the advanced works out.  

Has anyone found the compromise?  If so, would you mind sharing?


I am not an expert on trainning, just starting to learn now. But i think you must first make some base training (Z1 - Z2 zones). 

You can create your custom Workout and even play with the slider before starting a work out to adapt it to you (and even in real time with the 100% keys). and with the TAB key you skip a part of the workout.