The new training plan feature is awesome :-)

(Reidar Lange WBR (B)) #1

I just want to give the Zwift team credit for implementing this new feature. I especially like the flexibility that let me chose to some degree when to do the different work outs. It gives the most freedom possible and enables me to still follow the plan despite different obstacles coming my way.

Great job.

(Mathew W.) #2

Thank you so much! We’ve been hard at work on Training Plans for a while now and we’ll be doing our best to further improve them going forward! 

We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying the new Training Plans feature! We love feedback from passionate Zwifters like yourself. Don’t hesitate to let us know what works for you, what doesn’t, and what could use a little tweaking! :slight_smile:

Ride On!


(Liz Rice [?]) #3

Also really liking this training plan thing!

I do have a tweak I’d like to see: I appreciate that there’s a reason for not unlocking a workout for some amount of time, but I wish it could be a bit more flexible to fit in around odd schedules & commitments. My example, I did a workout from my plan yesterday evening, but a commitment means I can’t ride this evening, although I could ride almost any other time today. But my next workout doesn’t unlock until pretty much exactly the point where I have to leave for the evening.  

It would be great if instead of being, say, 20 hours between workouts, it could be something like 20 hours or from 7am local time the next day. That way you still couldn’t really do more than one per day but you’d have a lot more flexibility. 

(Todd Wilkens) #4

I agree with Liz this whole locking the training workouts is crazy for me and many others I am sure.  I went to do a workout and said I could not do it for 2 more hours.  I did not have any other time that day.  Also there are no triathlon plans at this point so I need to be able to adjust the workouts that I need and skip the ones I don’t.  Nope you can’t do that either at least not easily.  And you can’t double up on the training workouts.  For instance I am training for a ironman.  I need to do longer rides and wanted to do a endurance workout on top of a tempo workout.   Can’t do that either.  So far the training plans are extremely frustrating.  I know it would be better if we did everything the way it is written but hey life does not work that way.  Please take the controls off the plans let us enjoy them and use them as we need to for our own training!


(Josh Hayes) #5

I am enjoying the training plans also.

A tweak I would be keen to see would be the ability to plan in racing (Zwift or IRL) during a training plan. I have an enduro race in 2 weeks in the middle of the Crit Crusher plan with another one at the end of the plan.

I am loving the video game side with the levelling up and side missions as well as the training side.

(Kristina Pearson) #6

I am about 6 workouts into the Build Me Up plan and love it - they are really well designed and the direction on cadence and position (standing/sitting/hands in drops/etc) is great!

I actually like that the workouts are locked for a period of rest time in between as I have a tendency to not take enough rest time between workouts. I do understand that more flexibility would help many people with scheduling. Perhaps if they were locked for the recommended amount of time, but users could have the option to unlock the next workout early if necessary.

I’ve also had issues with the companion app not showing the correct upcoming workouts, but have heard rumours that is already being addressed. 

Really happy to have training plans as an option so I wanted to say thank you for adding it as a feature!!

(Fiona Avery) #7

I agree with Liz and Todd - the workouts are not available for long enough.  I also think I’ve had times where it says a workout must be done before “Sunday”, and when I come back on Friday it is already locked and unavailable.  The days/timing seem out.

I’ve also experienced workouts (e.g the TT-Tune Up plan workout “Cruise Intervals #2”) where the “rest” periods were at higher power (195W) than the efforts. Not sure if they are meant to be rests or work?   Either the power setting in rests needs to be linked to % of FTP or they need to be re-labelled so they don’t show as rests.