The new event module is fantastic

(Colin Smith KISS (B)) #1

Just have to say that after several weeks of frustration, everything finally worked perfectly for me tonight.  The most glaring omissions from racing in Zwift have been addressed, at least for me.  


* When is the start *?  

* Am I on the right course? 

* What lap am I on *?  

* Where are the nearby riders in my group?

* How much distance is left *?

* Ability for others to easily find out about a race and join (this was a blessing and a curse for us, as many of the people that joined didn’t get the facebook instructions and didn’t show up any category; see points below for solutions)

Well done.  Congrats to everyone on making a wonderful seamless experience.  It really felt real tonight. 

Things I would like to see most next would be:

* If the event enables it, making the category choice mandatory and then appending the category to each riders name so you know who you’re racing agains within a race

* Better in race audio, or automated commentary a la EA sports

* A forum for discussing the race afterwards

* Ability to subscribe to a weekly race and to compare previous results and standings 

* Voice chat via the mobile app

* Race results by category

* Ability to automatically watch the riders behind you after the finish and cheer them on with Ride-ons (obviously this isn’t hard now but at the end of a race, you don’t want to think about it).

* Team support with jerseys and team message channels

* Crazy fans in the audience running up the hills with you:)

* Exact replicas of iconic European grand tour stages:)

Thanks again and keep up the great work.


* i had actually built garmin connect iq apps for these because not having them was so annoying, but they never worked that well due to the fact that zwift distance != speed sensor distance