The call to add your name + PACK when trying to enter an event in advance

I’m new…when I open up the details of an event that I want to take part in, several of them say 'add PACK (or three different letters) to your name to make it easier to identify you… but

(i) how do I enter my name in the first place and

(ii) where do I go to add PACK or TRK or whatever.

Having said all that, a friend says I can join the ride just by clicking ‘join’ and rocking up in the warm-up zone beforehand.

Hi John

You can just ‘join’ a ride as your friend has said but then it’s possible your ride won’t be included in the results chart. Placing the ride ‘code’ after your nmae, in your case PACK enables the sorting algorithm to quickly determine whether your ride is included in the ‘PACK’ results.

To add the ‘PACK’ or whatever to your name, log in, go into ride and then hit the menu (a little strange but that’s the way it is at the moment).

Your name appears top left, hit the square with a pencil in it and you’ll be able to add the extra details to your name.

Ride On!

Wonderful… I’ll try that next time round. There were about 300 started that one event I did, all on turbo s before kick-off. On the circuit we mixed with the best part of a thousand others…I noticed some (but not all) carried their name above them, so I presume they were the ones in our event, a ride for 2.0-2.4w/kg riders, and the sight of their name was meant to indicate t me ‘gee up, these guys are in your ballpark, get on their wheel if you can’.

Hi John,

Many people do not edit their names to take part in group rides and the world does not end.  :slight_smile: It doesn’t change a thing as you are riding in one huge blob.

If you are in a group ride, you always have to ‘giddy up’ until you come to a hill, then the brakes seem to come on. That’s the way I see it, anyhow. Once I learned that, I am happy with my group rides.