The APP Pause / Resume Workout is messed up after plugging or unplugging the tablet from the USB cable

(Stefan Rosu) #1

Hello, I am very pleased with the new Zwift APP feature Pause Workout. Unfortunately during yesterday’s workout I had big trouble with it and it almost ruined my workout. Here’s what happened to me:

  1. I started my workout

  2. Ran out of water

  3. Paused the workout in Zwift app on my tablet

  4. Noticed the tablet’s battery was low so I plugged it in to my PC’s mini USB cable

  5. Refilled my water bottle and jumped on my bike

  6. Pressed Resume on the Zwift app - Nothing happened!

  7. Repeated step 6 many times and either nothing happened or Zwift took a screenshot instead of resuming my workout


I finally managed to Resume my workout after plugging and unplugging my tablet several times from the USB cable. I even tried rebooting the app.

I am using a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and a Vonino Onix QS tablet with Android 4.4.2.

(Stefan Rosu) #2

Please note that I encountered the same issue later on. I was curious to see if I can reproduce it before submitting it to the Zwift support team.


Ștefan Roșu

(John Vrachnos) #3

Resume is spotty at best. I too have problems with the pause and resume feature. But it’s not even after plugging it into the charger. I would pause for any given reason and the screen on my PC will say “Workout Paused”, but the ZWIFT app will not show a resume button, it will still say “Pause”. Everything would work though. All other selections work. I will say I have only observed this when I have selected a workout. The latest was 2/23/16 when I was doing thresholds and near completion when I paused on the cool down to refill my bottle and the only way to get it to start back up was skip the blocks. Additionally, I did notice during the ride the selection to turn left, right or straight did not appear. (yes both devices are on the same network).