Thankyou for new start locations

I can’t see anything in Feedback about this, so I thought I’d say how much I appreciate it.

I’m not a good rider but for me Zwift has been an important part of rehab and maintaining mobility in the face of arthritis and other issues. When the Jungle was first introduced I had to ride for half an hour, much in Z5 or 6, just to get to the loop. It was very disappointing. I might have been level 12 but still a very weak rider.

The option to start near the top of the climb is fabulous. I can enjoy the gentle climb of the loop and the exotic scenery without killing myself to get there.

Thanks again

I too ride for health reasons. I had a hip problem that had me walking the one block to work with a cane 3 years ago. my Doctor wrote on a prescription pad " ride your bike 10 min per day, 5 days a week". I did, and got better and stronger. I rode 2250 miles last year and completed my first 100k ride. Now I can walk without a limp. Keep riding and don’t give up. People like us might just be an inspiration to someone else for whom cycling might be the ticket to a better quality of life. Good luck with your rehab and hope to see you on the road.