Thank You Jason!


Thank you for posting your great thoughts on the forum. I have had cycling friends leave Zwift because of all of the negative comments (some towards them and some towards others). If people would use this as a tool for training and self improvement they might have a more positive workout. Many seem to be focused on commenting on others versus getting the most out of their workout. It could be a much better riding experience for all if they learned some manners.

Thanks again,


You are absolutely correct.

If we would all try and remember that this is a game and a training tool to improve our cycling it can be a very positive experience for everyone. It ruins the experience to get on and have people either complain or outright accuse somebody of cheating and does not encourage new riders to join in. This is a lot like being on the road and not welcoming or encouraging new riders; those people will leave the sport and then tell everyone they know that roadies and cyclist in general are jerks. 

Thanks for the comments