TfA Stage 5: A/B rides swapped?

Tour for All Stage 5A (longer group ride) is 36.7 km and 435 m of elevation gain. Stage 5B (shorter group ride) is 72.6 km and 1361 m of elevation gain.

In what respect is the A ride longer?

It seems Zwift thought things weren’t confusing enough as it is so they’ve decided to add a bit more chaos to the system by making Stage 5 have 4 completely different routes all with different lengths instead of 2 routes with the longer being A and the shorter being B. Isn’t this fun?

EDIT: Looks like the C ride is women only.

I think that is right. What is making it confusing though is that (A) is still labelled as Longer Group Ride and (B) as Shorter Group Ride. © is labelled as Women Only, but who knows, and (D) is labelled Category D Ride.

Clear as mud :slight_smile:

Four different rides as picked by groups in zwift. Ignore categories and pick the distance/elevation you want to do. C is not women’s only, open to everyone. A little confusing.

Pretty sure the way stage 5 had routes allocated is tied by numeric then alphabetic order from the clubs first character.