TfA Stage 5: A/B rides swapped?

Tour for All Stage 5A (longer group ride) is 36.7 km and 435 m of elevation gain. Stage 5B (shorter group ride) is 72.6 km and 1361 m of elevation gain.

In what respect is the A ride longer?

It seems Zwift thought things weren’t confusing enough as it is so they’ve decided to add a bit more chaos to the system by making Stage 5 have 4 completely different routes all with different lengths instead of 2 routes with the longer being A and the shorter being B. Isn’t this fun?

EDIT: Looks like the C ride is women only.

I think that is right. What is making it confusing though is that (A) is still labelled as Longer Group Ride and (B) as Shorter Group Ride. (C) is labelled as Women Only, but who knows, and (D) is labelled Category D Ride.

Clear as mud :slight_smile:

Four different rides as picked by groups in zwift. Ignore categories and pick the distance/elevation you want to do. C is not women’s only, open to everyone. A little confusing.

Pretty sure the way stage 5 had routes allocated is tied by numeric then alphabetic order from the clubs first character.