Text position on computer

(. Scott McVeigh ZSUN) #1

While I like to get texts I can not read them all. When texting gets busy they are all appearing over top of each other. While on the phone all messages take their turn, which can take too long. On the computer they all appear at the same time, which is how it should be. I think you should have the texts appear in a column format where they are. From top to bottom. The newest appearing at the bottom of the list, and as the 5 seconds elapses the top message disappears and they rest slide up. Most of the time there will only be 2-3 messages at a time. but I miss many messages by them being covered up by a newer message that just appeared.

And on a side not I do not see all of the names of riders in their posts. Most of the time it is just a blank top line where their name is.