Tetraplegic's optimum set up? Advice please?

I’m tetra following a cycling accident last year.

Against all odds, through experimental intervention and a blood/sweat/tears combo, I can now stand and walk independently. I’ve even got back on the bike, albeit on aTacx Flux rather than the roads. So I joined Zwift last week…

At 10:00 GMT on 30 July I’ll be attempting to ride 100 miles in 6 hours or less (see #200DaysChallenge.com for details) on a Zwift course, details TBC, from Red Bull’s London HQ. Maybe join me?! Username: # 200DaysChallenge

My Q is this… I want to make the course as ‘flat’ as poss, i.e. necessary power as even as possible throughout. I cannot use gears as hands not functional enough. I need to maintain an average speed of 16.5 mph throughout. I currently generate (over 20 miles distance PB post accident) c.1.3w/kg consistently and 17mph on the flats.

How can I tweak my setup to achieve this?

Wow! That’s awesome and congrats!

My suggestion is to go into ‘Settings’ and turn your ‘trainer difficulty’ down to zero. This makes every course a flat road, regardless of virtual elevation. This will probably be your best option as it makes every ride consistent.

Good luck!

Hi Steven,

To maximize your distance for the effort, you might want to try sticking to the “Volcano Circuit” in either direction or the “Volcano Flat” route, both on Watopia. We provide a list of distances and elevations for each route here on our knowledge base article. The volcano flat route is 7.7 miles for 167ft. So that might be your best bet and slightly more interesting than a smaller loop. But hopefully the route information I’ve given you will help you in your planning.

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts and can’t wait to hear more about it.

Cheers, and especially in this case, Ride On!

Thanks guys! I’ll play with those suggestions.
As I sustained my spinal-cord injury training for RideLondon 2016, and this challenge takes place on the same day as RideLondon 2017 (which will be going on real time right outside the building I’ll be Zwifting in!), I’m keen to ride a London course even if just a section before a flat.

Is it possible to get a London start, flat middle, London finish totalling 100 miles made up for this unique charity event? Maybe Zwift programmers can look into this for me?! I’m sure it must be…

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Zwifters keen to do RideLondon remotely as my wingmen! :muscle:t2::biking_man:t2::100: