Test course / screen development?

Just an idea to help people with dumb turbos to set up as accurately as possible.

How about either a course that is absolutely flat or even a screen with all the data readouts based on 0 elevation changes, so that we can compare the data to our Garmin’s ensuring the distance covered on flat ground on screen replicates the distance covered on flat ground in the garage on the turbo??

Would allow us to play with tyre pressure to try and get an accurate set up. Could even alter weight for a better match - appreciate that is open to cheating, but people can cheat reducing their weight anyway and are only cheating themselves.

The Garmin doesn’t know your aerodynamic drag factor and therefore cannot calculate how fast you would be riding on a flat course at a given power. That factor depends on your size, position on the bike, your clothing, your helmet, your bike, your wheels, shoe cover, the position of your water bottles, etc. etc.

And that factor would depend on whether or not you’re drafting another rider.

So even on an absolutely flat course, it would only be a coincidence for the Garmin and Zwift to show the same speed.

Very true - never thought of that.