Tenacity: the workout...is maybe wrong?


I just want to share with you what I “feel” is a mistake in the workout called Tenacity which can be found at week 11 of the training plan Build Me Up.

This workout is supposed to be a 2 hours workout. But the first 6’ recovery period seemed to me that it was shorter. I was not paying that much attention to time, but suddenly the hard part started again and as a matter of fact the workout ended after 1h58’. Also by checking on Garmin Connect the power graph, it seems to me that the feeling of a shorter recovery is confirmed.

Then there is another minor mistake in this workout, but to be honest with you I do not exactly recall where it was: instead of giving the prompt for the next step 10" ahead of it, the system gives it 50" before but saying that after 10" the next step would start…

Hoping that I have been able to make myself understood, I wish that the above will help you to improve your nice app.