"Tempus Fugit" - Watopia Flat Expansion?

2019 Tour of Watopia Stage 5 - Tempus Fugit

Looks to be the long awaited Watopia Flat expansion.

Maybe a loop around the NE island? or am I missing some other clue on the map? Anything obvious? Ideas?


Looks to be the most logical to me and I think it will be a perimeter loop as judging by the shading on the island itself, it looks to be hilly.

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More flat :confused:


Stage secrets

Distance:~18km (11.2 mi)

Elevation:~25m (82 ft)

=> flat section. Only 25m elevation over 18km.
perhaps a small tunnel section, and then new roads on the island of the right (when looking at the map view).

I think a part of the landscape is definitely going to be dessert, with the famous Arizona rocks formation?

Since they mention both Arizona and Utah it sounds like a reference to Monument Valley which sits on the border of those states. A good choice to give you something to look at while pounding out virtual TT laps.

I love monument valley, but that wouldn’t really sync with being on the coast of an island would it? Unless they’re going to make the whole Island flat.

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But a flat that isn’t in a city or inside a volcano! I’ll call it a win for now since I haven’t seen it yet.

https://zwifthacks.com/new-routes-coming-to-watopia/ :scream::partying_face:

  • Tick Tock
  • Out And Back Again
  • Tempus Fugit
  • Bigger Loop
  • The Uber Pretzel
  • Whole Lotta Lava

These are all new, hopefully soon to be released routes in Watopia.

We know that Tempus Fugit is the route for Tour of Watopia Stage 5 scheduled for beginning of May. Besides that one route ( Whole Lotta Lava ) is only for events and two ( The Uber Pretzel and Bigger Loop ) seem to be level-locked.

Probably all of these new routes will launch at the same time. We’ll just have to wait for a game update…

Quite excited for this…