Technical troubles during a group ride

I was in a nice group ride when all my bluetooth devices disconnected from my iPhone. That’s never happened before, so I’m not too worried about it. But when I got all reconnected it put me back at the starting point on my trainer for a little while, then zwooshed me up to a group. But I couldn’t tell where I was relative to the leader. What’s the smart thing to do in that situation? (I can tell you what I did, since the group I got attached to was riding above the group ride speed, I sat up and waited for the leader, but it turns out we were off the back, chasing!) Oh, and the panel on the right of the screen that shows the list of riders was not there. So I couldn’t use that to see where the leader was.



I try and think of Zwift issues, I think we all suffer 'em from time to time, as a problem I may have while out riding.

So on Zwift, I get punctures, the chain comes off, I get cut off by a car (difficult to visualise that one), the battery on the Di2 dies, I change up or down 4 gears by mistake, the power meter fails, my music loses the iTunes signal … while I’m thinking all that Zwift comes back and the sun starts to shine.

Just get you something out of every ride, issues or no issues.   :)

Thanks Paul, Amen, I had a good ride regardless. But I want to be a good member of the group ride. Not accidentally off the front of making people wait for me. Maybe the smart thing to drop from the group and just ride. -Jim