Team Account

As an NCAA Tri Coach, I’m interested in Zwift creating a “Team Account.” The thought is that a school, or coach could create a single team account for a certain fee, and add/subtract members to the roster as needed each year. Each member would have their own account under the team to keep track of their own results.
Once a person is no longer on the team’s roster, they would have the option to continue with their own private account, or lose it.
My thought its that it would be a good way for coaches to train their squads, a good opportunity to get more people on Zwift, and create a team dynamic you could also use for team style competitions, etc.
Many kids won’t have their own accounts, so this would be a way for a school or club to pay for them.


Jeff Boyer

There have been many calls over the years for Zwift to provide family accounts for households with multiple Zwifters, but it seems to be something that they don’t want to do.
As for kids, under 16’s currently use Zwift for free.

Yes, I’m aware of that 16 and under free accounts… Maybe a college aspect might help get it going…

This could be a great addition for businesses as well. Think spin class studios or Tuesday night race night at the local bike shop. I would imagine the difficulty would lay in the integration of those “individuals” into the larger ranking systems. It’s probably a good extension
to the clubs feature so it could be kept separate from ZP

Kids account are free anyway so i don’t really see the need for a “team account” plus you have the legal issues giving an account to kids without parent/guardian consent if done that way.

The only issue i see and can’t remember and think it’s still a blocker is that children cannot join zwift clubs otherwise a Coach setting up a club would the perfect solution.

Spin class/Shop races could easily be done it takes second to setup a free zwift account.

This is not about kids under 16. This is for NCAA(college/university) Teams. Every year the athletes on the team change(graduation, transfers, incoming freshman, etc.) Being able to add and subtract athletes from the roster is important, and also not having the kids pay for it is also important. That’s why I’m suggesting a college team account.

Might be worth you having a TrainingPeaks account set as a coach and your college attendees also have TrainingPeaks accounts and they add you as a coach?

Just a thought, seems more a thing outside of Zwift.