TdZ zwift power race points?

Are zwift power points given for TdZ races?

No, they’re group rides.


Although it’s always a race, right?


anytime two or more bikes are going in the same direction…

They’re group rides which some of us feel create the most fun racing on Zwift! :wink:

But it’s right that they shouldn’t be used for race points - because I know that while I feel I’m “racing” against people, they’re sometimes much faster people who are having a ride which is easy for them.

I just always love chasing that next person who’s riding slightly faster!

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Ugh…it sure seemed like a race. There was a screen at the end that indicated they were placing finishers across the line. Oh well, gonna view TdZ stages as training rides now and not a race…not gonna bust my butt if the points won’t count.

Just wait until the next time you see a big group within touching range. Dare you not to push then!

(I get sucked into the same trap every_single_time)


I’m trying to do workouts on a second device during the TDZ rides and I keep blowing thru the interval limits cause I keep wanting to “just catch up”.
That is really an exercise in self discipline…and I failed.


Same every stage -
Me to my wife: I’m not going to push it tonight. Just riding to complete the stage.

In an hour: That was a very, very hard ride. Can you bring me dinner? I’m totally exhausted.


Bottom to top, aiming for 2.5, aiming for 2.5, aiming for 2.0. At least I might behave myself a bit better on the Alpe!