TdZ Was I Dreaming?

This afternoon thought I did the TdZ stage 2 Mountain Madness. I pedalled and pedalled and pedalled all through the heat and pain during which there was every appearance I was slowly making my way up the Alpe du Zwift, as described on the route plan. Section by section I climbed until at last the banner showed I’d reached the top in 71 minutes, 4 longer than my PR. Another banner appeared showing I’d done the event and everything went belly up, the screen froze and I was lost in the fog. Luckily Companion was still running and I could see my way to descend the mountain but I couldn’t end my ride. Maybe my avatar is still out there?

Looking at the results on Zwiftpower and it seems my climb up the Alpe was an illusion and all I had managed was a ride up Innsbruck KOM. I’d come 266th and the riders I remember at the line were all there.

I am not on any meds BTW so what can have happened? It’s a new one for me…

You probably stumbled across this well-known bug: Crash at the top of the Alpe