TdZ & ToW: once a year not enough!

Now, that TdZ is over (as every year in the past) I come to realize how much I enjoy TdZ, ToW, and Fondos, and how much I “really, but really” dislike searching the App for 3rd party rides:

  1. Highly populated rides. One can be leading, chasing, or drafting in the back…
  2. No need to waste time searching the Companion App: a ride every single hour!
  3. Always long, mid, and short: easy to fit a ride to our training for the day
  4. no ridicules’ cats, zPower, and cheaters: total watts for the ride and general classification is the only thing that matters (cheating becomes irrelevant) always someone faster or slower. Leaving real racing for real life :wink:

There are good third party rides out there. Some are better than others.

What would be extremely useful on the Zwift desktop app would be showing the course that is used for the ride. No need to search companion app.

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Hey Xavier.

I too miss the TdZ when it’s over, and look forward to the other big events like ToW. Summer riding season is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere which is why I suspect Zwift doesn’t run big events year-round.

Have you see the Resource Wiki? There are links to a number of clubs running rides and series that might be of interest. I find the groups VERY chatty, similar to the Tours. There’s also the ZwiftHacks Events search page for finding rides that fit specific criteria.