TdZ Stage 8 third KOM incomplete

I completed the Tour de Zwift stage 8 long ride on Friday, and noticed that the third time up the New York KOM was not recognised as a segment in Zwift power. I made a special effort up this final climb and recorded record power, but was very disapointed to see it not included in the ZPoints segments listing - only my second best time was included. Is there an error here and can this be fixed? Was there an error with the position of the finish line? Very frustrating…

I’ve seen this happen a number of times when the primes (segment) coincides with the finish line.

I’ll bring it up internally but can’t promise a quick fix - sorry your effort wasn’t rewarded.

Hi James,
Thanks for your reply - let me know if there is a fix at all. Much appreciated.

Sadly I don’t think there will be, but I’ve started an internal discussion to consider this for future stages.

But seriously, good job for making the 3rd climb your best!

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