TDZ stage 2 and 3 marked incomplete

(Reynir Georgsson) #1

Anyone else with this problem. TDZ stage 2 and 3 marked incomplete.

(Eystein Westgaard ) #2

The same happened to mee. Both Stage 2 and 3 are “incomplete”. I completed stage 2 without any issues. On stage 3 I was sent on the wrong course as many others, but I completed the course.

(Reynir Georgsson) #3

(Father Damo2(93kg)) #4

I’ve got stages 1 & 2 marked incomplete, started and finished them fine… stage 3 last night complete and tomorrows stage in the future marked as complete? What happening here?

Zwift…can we have some sort of announcement of what is being done about this or do you want a support call because I can see when people start viewing this page your going to get an awful lot of support calls through…

(Tim Gilbert) #5

I have exactly the same situation. The companion app shows my placing, but this site says incomplete for satge 1 and stage 2.

Some feedback from Zwift would be appreciated.

(Lance Fatstrong) #6

Oh dear,

I have the very same issue. I completed Stage 3, yet Companion app doesn’t print rank/time/power under Race Results, only “…”

And the TdZ subpage tells me that I haven’t completed the Stage 3. I have! Clearly. This is documented by Strava and Companion app entries.

Any solutions to this, Zwift? Thanks in advance.

(Reynir Georgsson) #7

How ever in the “game” it looks like I have finished the three stages.

(Lance Fatstrong) #8

My situation is a bit different then.
INCOMPLETE at TdZ subpage
“…” under Race Results
missing “thumb-up” for London on “a side sticky note” in the main app (macOS)

Yet I crossed the finish line and did not have any issues along the way.

(Reynir Georgsson) #9

looks ok now…

(( C)raig) #10

Top bar says I have completed 5 Stages out of 9, but I have only ridden 4 stages, 5th Stage starts in 4 days time?

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #11

Folks, have you pressed “register” button on the 1st page of tdz event? Without it i also watched incomplete status after finish a stage. Was fixed once i registered for tdz.

(Lance Fatstrong) #12

Yep. Registered far in advance.

(Lance Fatstrong) #13

Still “no banana” for me, and Zwift Support haven’t contacted me either (support request still pending)
I am in a limbo.

(Abigail O.) #14

Good news Zwifters! This issue with stages that have been completed being marked incomplete has been fixed! :slight_smile:

(Robert Zolnowski) #15

I am still missing credit for the first two stages.

I was not mis-routed, and didn’t have a crash. Even received emails that the stages were completed.

only thing I can think of, is that I did a workout that ended before I joined the tour event, and the original title of my activities were both named for the workout. I have since renamed the tour stages to follow the format of the others, but no luck so far.

I would send a support ticket, but when I click on the login button I get an error “502 bad gateway” (which is another issue entirely)

(Lance Fatstrong) #16

No, not really, Abigail. Stage 3 still listed incomplete in my case. :confused:

(Michael Beggs) #17

Abigail, I clearly completed Tour de Zwift stage 4 this morning, the 9 AM USA EST event. I am not receiving credit for completing, I don’t have the little finish flag showing up in the companion app as I do the first three stages. Very frustrating as I do no t have teh option of re-riding the stage today and I clearly completed it anyway. Can you please try to get me shown as completing stage 4? Thank you