TDZ speed issues?

Stage 1C would have taken me 2 hours to complete at the speed that was showing. Using Wahoo speed and cadence with Kickr Snapd for Controllable portion. When I go into Paired devices menu it shows me going 15 - 20 mph. On screen was between 2-9 mph. Worked fine in warm up rides and at beginning of TDZ stage1. Everything seemed to be working on menu but not in ride. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Clinton_Lindsey

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You need to pair the Kickr snap as Power and controllable. Pairing Your Smart Trainer - Instructions | Zwift

No need to use a speed sensor with a Snap

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If I use the snap alone I go even slower for Some reason? That’s why I unpaired it and tried to go with speed and cadence.

Something isn’t right then. Are you installing the bike to the trainer per the directions? What about your setup in the Wahoo app, maybe the tire size is wrong?