TDZ progress not captured in stages

For the second time in the first 4 stages of TDZ, my stage progress has not been recorded. In both cases, trainer and sensors were connected and reading, but my mileage and time in the TDZ stage were not being recorded properly.

For example in the 14.8 mi 4th stage, it said i rode 3 miles on the odometer, the mileage remaining on the stage was permanently fixed at 13.3 miles, never changing even as the odometer logged miles. In both cases i had to drop out of race and reenter stage at another time.

First occurrence was on a Wahoo Kickr and running zwift through Macbook. Second occurence was on a Hammer connected to iPad. Have a reliable gig wifi cnxn. So this isnt related to hardware or connectivity.

Its terribly frustrating to put the time into this and then have Zwift not work, especially when I’m paying for it.