TDZ Peloton Glitch

Just did TDZ 49k… and observed something weird. I was with others in peloton with about 66 others ahead. Suddenly as if there was a crash (i.e.avatars smashed into each other) and everyone else disappeared and on the list, there was no one ahead or behind me. My position was “–” but I continued pedaling with constant output. The screen was blank for about a minute. When the sceen returned I was in another group position was 125. There were more occurrences with the screen freezing throughout the duration of the 49km ride. I recently upgraded to the latest Zwift. Has anyone observed this glitch in the TDZ? Or with this latest Zwift release (1.21.0(100.371)? My connection was ok as I was streaming music and there was no interruption to the stream.

Sounds like you may have been using too much of your connection bandwidth to stream music, taking away some of the ‘power’ needed for Zwift to run correctly.

Just a thought.

Could be worthwhile popping the log file into, that will certainly (well, maybe) show network issues relating to riders and may throw up some clues around video.

I dont think the music streaming is related as most music apps (like spotify) should be buffering a good chunk of data, but … :man_shrugging: