TdZ Pages Broken?

Hi there,

GIven how easy to use stage event pages have been in previous events, I am getting increasingly frustrated by the way this year’s TdZ pages are working. Or not working to be more precise. After multiple days of frustration trying just to get registered, that at least came good and I completed the stage 1 ride this morning, but still don’t appear to have dates and times available for stage 2.

Then, this evening, I have just tangled with helping my wife to register for the stage 1 run and the events showing tie in with the times in the event pages, but show a distance of 16.0km compared to 5.7km on the events pages.

There is no way my wife will sign up to a 16km run (and I imagine there will be many others in that same boat) but 5.7 is doable. She has therefore booked her place through the events entries.

Seems to me that there are some things on the site not working quite right for this event. Why not stick to the system that worked so well last year?


I am pretty sure the 16km race you are referencing is for cycling. You may have not selected the run tab when on the paring screen inadvertently.

This was one the website not in Zwift.

Definitely not the cycling page because I could then switch to the cycling page and see the correct distances and groups for the rides and races. Switch back to the running page and get back to the 16km event only. It may be that the 16km event is a cycling one (although it doesn’t seem to tie in with the actual distances for the stage 1 events) but it was definitely the TDZrun page that we were looking at.

Stage 1 bike race is 16km while the bike ride has three different options (42km, 30km, and women’s only 24km). I can’t speak to the errors on the website as I have not experienced them.

I am not looking to turn this into an argument but I am looking at it right now … … Tour De Zwift Schedule Stage 1 London shows Group Runs … one group (E) … 1 lap … 16.0KM distance … 57.3M elevation … 5-20 W/KG. It even shows the correct track for the run (London Classique).

Clearly there has been a mix up on the website for the runs because, as you say, the distance and elevation matches the stage 1 races shown on The events listing pages are OK.

Would be good to see this corrected. My wife is brand new to Zwift and TDZ will be her first running event … the confusion around distances etc. for the first stage is not encouraging her, particularly as she would never have signed up to do a 16KM run but is happy with 5.7KM once I showed her how to get to the events listings.



Actually, I see distance discrepancies have been discussed on a couple of the other threads, and this one fits in with those. I will just concentrate on the Companion app and site event listings for now, but the execution of this tour has been way below the standard of previous ones. Surely the addition of races and runs hasn’t confused things that much …

Moderators … if you want to lock this thread as these things have been raised elsewhere, your call.