TDZ not showing on Zwiftpower

Same problem here. :frowning:

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Also here. The data file was captured and eventually showed under activities but not under results.

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I have the same problem.

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I have the same problem … TDZ 2022 ride 1 (A) shows in my activities but not in my event profile … and it was probably one of my best efforts so hoping it might adjust my overall stats.

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Same problem for yesterday’s long ride event at 18h00 bruxelles time.
I follow the thread

Yeah But i finish tdz today and cant find my Results

I can see a post from someone else that has highlighted that the early TdZ event hasnt been published by Zwiftpower so thats a setup thing that will likely get addressed by Zwift and appear in your results at some point, assuming Zwift fix it.

Dennis - I mentioned your post in another thread so keep an eye on those for potential updates.

Ditto for me:

Same here for TdZ cat A

Result of TdZ Stage 1 is missing,
zwiftpower Event: zid=2556548
does not appear in Activities,
does not appear in my profile -zid=40281

But it does appear in Strava: activities/6502544817
and it does appear in my zwift account: activity: 989220680413216800

What is wrong?

I have the same problem. Very frustrating.
Long TdZ ride yesterday at 19.00 Oslo time not uploaded to zwiftpower.

Same here

I rode the TDZ Stage 1 Long Ride ytd at 6pm (Berlin time), but its missing as activity in ZP. I can see it though as activity in the Companion app.

I had same issue with standard ride, same start hour.

Hi Zwift and ZwiftPower

On the 10/1-2022, 18:00, I did the first TdZ Stage 1: Long Ride, but I’m not yet in the result list. Is there a that?

Henrik Abild Jensen, Zwift ID: 938692

17:00 (UK) RGV Long Ride (A) not setup on Zwift Power ?
edit - I know the 18:00 onwards ones are :frowning:

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Completed tdz events do show up on ZP and also do include results on ZP from what I can tell at the moment.


Ride is named Waistband, forgot it does this for multi-route stages (user error :slight_smile: )
RGV - turns out I’m a lot slower the Freddie Ovett, who knew !

I did the 1700(UTC) TDZ ( zid=2556548 )with a few thousand others (A/long route) - but ZP only shows 288 (As). It doesn’t show in my Rides either. Should it?

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