TDZ not showing on Zwiftpower

No, I know that and I’ve acknowledged that at least half a dozen times in this thread. After a certain point, it stops seeing riders having finished the event in the results list.

This affects a lot of people (as you can tell from this thread) and is something that we are working to fix - not “at some stage this year” but as soon as possible, but it is not an easy fix.


Thanks for the effort that Zwift, ZwiftPower and you @James_Zwift is putting in to solve this, it’s appriciated.

@James_Zwift, thanks for your work on this, as someone who works in IT (Dev) I have a fair idea of the stress you and the team are under to resolve the issue and how some End Users don’t always understand the complexity of something that is “just so simple to fix” for them.


Not all riding TdZ are registered at Zwiftpower!
I believe it is less than 50%, perhaps @James_Zwift knows more exactly?

There are 349,277 riders who are opted in on Zwiftpower. I don’t know what that means in terms of proportionality of those riding these events, but 50% sounds reasonable.

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I believe 50% is too much, read somewhere (before COVID!) Zwift has 2 million users, some people have more than 1 account, some are not active (I am zwifting in winter only), some don’t race.
Did not race much this year, but I looked at some of my races last season - ZP has about 30 - 50% starters compared with Zwift (event info @ Companion). Tendence more percent in events with less starters, less in bigger events.
Conclusion - I would say 30-35% are realistic.

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I have a Zwift mate who’s not registered on ZP but he has a profile with his history - which says not registered - curious about that!

He has probably connected his account but not registered on the Zwiftpower site (I’m guessing to an extent)

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James, hang in there.
Zwift Power worked great for my race and Strava is showing my TDZ rides and workouts.
No problem.

I just looked it up. The OED lists the definition as

race, noun

When two or more cyclists ride together.

11 gennaio alle 11,22 stage 1 ma non è stato registrato. Come risolvere?
January 11 at 11.22 am stage 1 but was not recorded. How to solve?

Thanks for continuing to work on this! It is greatly appreciated, Zwift just gets better and better. Although admittedly, upgrading to a 32" 4k curved monitor and a powerful laptop that qualifies for the Ultra profile, may have something to do with my renewed appreciation.

Corrected your typo.

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Monday 10th

Same issue for me.
First stage TdZ - 6 pm CET monday 10 th January doesn’t appear in the zwift power.
Just noticed this today because my ride of stage 2 does appear in ZP.

Being new to all this I thought it was normal that the TdZ rides weren’t showing up in ZP.
By reading this post, I see zwift is working on it. Hope to recover the data in ZP (it did appear correctly in strava and Garmin connect).

No. I don’t hold out much hope. I have run into this same problem in the past and it never got resolved, just had to accept the race didn’t get posted to profile page. Apparently the problem with 2022 TdZ is quite wide spread and if you believe the thread, the problem is being worked.

OK that’s too bad, thanks for taking the time to respond. Looks like I’ll have to do it again this weekend lol. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

Hi Wils, welcome to forums.

Unfortunately you have hit a gremlin that is impacting a lot of riders doing TdZ rides. Jump over to this thread and re-post there so James can see to include you in a potential fix.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ or @Paul_Allen - please close

Do you have the TdZ badge count screen bit on your Companion App? I’m android and had to expand the black band on the home screen. If you do, that can save firing app Zwift to check status of those badges.