TdZ completion not recognized

Some stages are not being recognized as completed. Anyone else get this?

2020-02-05 19_31_03-Zwift

Hi @Krystof_Koran welcome to Zwift forums!
I see you completed stages 4 and 6, but you have not yet done stage 7, is that correct?

Hi Shuji, yeah that’s right. And funnily stage 7 is already checked as completed on the TdZ site :grin:

Hm, weird about that Stage 7 being checked as completed. On my end, I’m not seeing the activitiy associated. If we both know you haven’t completed Stage 7, then I’ll ask you to go ahead and do that.

If you save & exit when you see the completion banner, it should give you credit. Please try that, and loop back if it doesn’t. Thanks.

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