TDZ 22 stage2 not registering complete

After this mornings Zwift update I Rode stage 2 this morning ,completed saved and returned to see my tour card unstamped, checked activities and it had the ride but listed as only 10.6km see pic ,reset everything and rode the stage again for a second time same result despite it showing event complete at end of race as per pic, no issue with internet either.

I had a similar issue. A tempo workout I did was not recorded instead a ride of less distance and time was recorded.
I contacted Zwift and after a few back and forths they told me this was unfortunate and recommended I just mark my workout as completed on plan. No solution.

Same thing with my tdz stage 2 long ride from yesterday. Recorded 17.4mi instead of 17.6mi total and did not provide completion badge or post to my zwift power. Bummer

I finished the stage which has recorded but I’ve not had my stamp updated and my ride has not been added to Zwift power. A real shame these glitches have affected peoples hard work on the bike.

Same issue here - completed but didn’t register.

Did you guys go through the blue translucent banner about 200m after the KOM banner?

If so, you should have completed the stage. Please contact support if you haven’t been credited for the stage and they will do so for you.


Yes and did it twice as you can see from screen shot it says complete but didn’t register and companion also gives a different distance, have contacted support 3 times and got no where…

Drop me a message with your Zwift ID and I’ll try to get someone to sort it for you tomorrow/Tuesday (it’s a holiday in the US tomorrow)

Sry James not seeing a pm envelope when I click your avatar

Click on my name, then you should see something that says message.

Pm sent ty

Just rode stage 2 for a third time after no reply from cs in 3 days, thankfully the race came up complete despite being registered again as a 10.6km ride, get your act together Zwift!

I had the same issue. I contacted support and hope to get the stamp.

Isn’t the real issue here that many people are completing workouts or stages and then either not being credited or credited with a different ride - like in my case. This must be a bug and recorded as such. No?
Then fixed obviously. :slight_smile:

I think it’s more a sheer volume issue, but absolutely agree with your point.

Thanks James. I’ve only recently started using Zwift and was disappointed with the initial response I got from support ambassadors.
But I accept that bugs happen and as long as it’s not a regular occurrence can live with it until fixed.