TdZ 2020 run - distances for each stage

where can I find the exact run distance for each stage?

Found only distances till stage 3.
Also, the stage 3 on official TdZ run page showing:
18.9 KM
101.4 M
But on the zwifthack website the distance is 5.733km.
So, what is the real distance?
Are there more than one distance group?

Via a quick look of the Companion app:

Stage 2: 9KM (Innsbruckring)
Stage 3: 5.7KM (Jungle Circuit)

They haven’t released the schedule for anything past Stage 3 yet.

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Check out the Tour de Zwift 2020 Running FAQ thread. All the distances are listed, for some reason I can’t past the link for you from my iPhone.

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Thank you.
This is so annoying. Really.
What could be easier but creating a simple TdZ 2020 running official page with a calendar (very simple one, monthly tables) + exact dates and exact distances. The ones that published presently are just approximation of the real running distances.
I really do not understand why someone should go and search some third party websites for this information if all could be placed easily in one official page.
Here, example (no copyright, you are free to use :wink:.):

here is another mystery quest, the one who will solve it, will receive a special surprise : free ride over the Alpes )))
Once logged into Zwift forum with your username, try to go to the main page and try to find any link to the official TdZ 2020 running page…by the way you’ll be redirected to - that’s fine and cool, but what about the actual TdZ2020 event? How to find it?
How many clicks should you do in order to find it?..
Any option for the search window maybe?
On the Events page the tag #tdzrun leading to 404 page.
How a simple, ordinary user could find official TdZ running or riding page?

Atention, spoiler alert! )))
You should log-out from your account, go to the main page, scroll till the end and find two banners to the TdZ 2020 events pages.
_---- those who found the answer on their own without the spoiler, could go now for the Alpes ))