Taxc Vortex Vs Elite Qubo Digital

(Matthew Cracknell WBR (C)) #1

Hello all!

I recently tried a friends trainer and found it to be a brilliant training tool with zwift. 

My results seemed very similar to real world riding conditions when riding the Elite Qubo Digital B+. So I decided to purchase a smart trainer so I could back onto Zwift! 

The Turbo trainer arrives, great! 

I set my Taxc trainer up and went for a ride, for some reason I went from 4.5 Watts/KG to 2 Watts/KG. Even when I am at Max sprint which is normally 700-800 watts… I don’t even get above 300 watts! IS there a way of calibrating Taxc trainers?

I feel like a bit annoyed about this, now I cant race with my friend… let alone race with anyone else in Zwift!


Please help

(Ingo Knöll) #2

Your Tacx is the one which is right because the elite is on my experience measured with a Powermeter Garmin Vector much to high on Watts.

I.e. Yesterday i did a workout with some 4 Minutes at 100U/min and had to go to 360 Watts on the trainer to get about 200 watts on my Vector.

so you basically have to cut by a half your readings with the Elite.