Taxc Genius. ERG mode constantly above target.

I’m using Tacx Genius connecting via ANT+ dongle on a mac. When using ERG mode, power is constantly about 10-15% higher than target in ERG mode. Ex. when 280 Watts is the target, achieved power will hover around 300-305 even while maintaining smooth pedaling at constant cadance. This has happened every time I use ERG mode on Zwift. With Tacx app or Trainerroad, ERG mode holds resistance very close to target levels.

I had read that Zwift`s ERG mode was designed to provide some ‘slack’ around the target but regardless of what I do (changing cadence higher lower, changing gears) the resistance always settles down to a higher than target level.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


I have noticed the same issue with the Tacx Genius. Seems no matter what cadence I run at the power stays about 15W more than the target.

My dealer replaced the trainer’s circuit board and now everything matches up perfectly. If your unit is still under warranty this may be something to look into. 

Yesterday I got a new version of the Tacx Genius firmware from Tacx; version 1.1.325. Not sure why this hasn’t been release yet but this completely resolved the issue. The Watts in workout mode are now pretty much spot on.

If you are have issues just ping Tacx on FB and tell them ERG mode is not working and they should send you a bin file you can use to update the firmware.

Good to know. Thanks.