Take over Zwiftpower or create one

(Dennis Weerdenburg) #1

I’m sure that this is requested before, but I’m sure that if Zwift will make their own race hub it would increase the quality of the races. At first Zwift’s strong point what is making it successful is because of the social interaction that is added to everyone’s indoor experience. This is mainly visible when riding in the game. Outside of the game very little social interaction is possible:

  • The profile page of each Zwifter is very very limited. People who want to use a profile that show what kind of rider you are and at this point this can only be done by linking Strava to Zwift. If you want to look back at all the numbers or just the route that you rode you must use 3th parties.

  • When riding a race you must have a account on zwiftpower.com a third party who shows all numbers and race results. If you do not have an account, it is not possible to see your results of the race you did last week on your profile page or somewhere else on Zwift. 

Don’t get me wrong, I see huge potential and benefits for Zwift when using 3th parties. But when a 3th party gets really big and important for some Zwift users, I feel like Zwift can not deny any longer about the fact that users need this kind addition to the platform. 

Right now Zwift is more a world on which you can ride on with a lot off people, which is good for now, but if Zwift wants to sustain market leader it must invest in additions in the game that will gain brand affinity and differentiate from the upcoming competitors before they will. 

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Zwift will never take over zwiftpower.com. They don’t want to piss off paying customers by disqualifying them / excluding them from race results. They leave it up to 3rd parties to police race results. Zwift are then the nice guys who don’t exclude anyone from racing / race results. Racers with issues or disputes then take the matter up with the race organizer or zwiftpower.com. Zwift’s logic I assume is if they don’t piss off a paying customer the customer won’t cancel their account.

That said I do believe that Zwift should be giving us better post race data than they do now. I should be able to easily check my results from the Tour of Watopia for example. Nothing contentious with this event as no one got disqualified.

I also believe Zwift should give race organizers more control over who can enter a race. If the race rules say no zpower then someone using zpower won’t be able to start. This is much better in my opinion than the zpower user racing the event and potentially skewing the results as people draft off them. They then later get disqualified on zwiftpower.com. Same with heart rate as well. If the rules say heart rate monitor required then you have to have one to be able to start.

(Dennis Weerdenburg) #3

I feel like its their loss if they don’t. Im sure there are some riders at Zwift who love the game because of the racing possibility in it. There is always two ways to think about different arguments on this topic:

‘’ Zwift’s logic I assume is if they don’t piss off a paying customer the customer won’t cancel their account.’’

This is true when they are gonna do that, Though there are other ways of controlling the races like you said. Also Zwift can warn people 2 times with a email that they crossed a line in competitive races before banning them from the race. Im sure that there people out there who don’t even know they cheating.
Plus, like I said in my previous text, if Zwift will not make a competitive racing platform, I’m sure(or hope) a competitor will do it. In that way Zwift looses customers by lacking rules and boundries. It’s very convenient to have a racing platform right at your home each hour.

Last point I wanna make is that if Zwift wishes to become an e-sport, changes are inevitable. On every e-sport you have cheaters and they all got banned for a while. All for the good and convenient of all other players. To keep that control they should make a racing hub in-game and not let a 3th party do it after the races.

ps. little question about the minus votes on my previous text: Don’t they want to implement zwift power into the zwift game itself, or do they just not see it happening? Or shouldn’t it be the focus of Zwift right now? Just curious…

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #4

@Dennis There is a lot of data available on the Zift blogsand the Zwift related Facebook groups. Behind the screens Zwift delivers some technical support to Zwiftpower.

But they do specifically not want to have anything to do with verifying paying customers. According Zwift the minority of the Zwift users is racing (believe it is +/- 5%). As a fellow racer I would like to see more efforts from Zwift with the rising monthly fee’s. I fear for Zwift that the racers might wander off to other platforms if it continues like this. I also believe that the racers (i.e. more fanatic riders) do the majority of the free publicity.

The best solution currently would be if Zwift steps up the tech support to Zwiftpower. Zwiftpower, Kiss, CVR etc are way ahead of Zwift when it comes to fair online racing and the associated sensitivities.

I miss Zwiftpower every day, it makes racing less significant for me.

(Kevin Blades5960 (team lusso)) #5

the lack of sound is deafening on zwift power, the site has been down for 3 weeks now. The lack of communication from zwift and zwift power is quite franky awful. Doesnt seem to be much of an outcry to get it back either from fellow zwifters. Racing on zwift is sort of pointless without zwiftpower as all the zpower guy/cheats can race without being DQ ed. To add the data generated is priceless IMO. ZWIFT sort it out!!!

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #6

True Kevin, I am actually surprised that there are not more comments here on this subject. Maybe I should raise a support ticket

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #7

@ Dennis - I agree completely with you. Zwift needs to have it’s own integrated listings. Racing is what makes Zwift compelling for a lot of us, and it’s fun to see how you compare to people you race against regularly. 

As soon as a viable competitor gets this all working, the are going to lose subscribers. Even old-school Tour de Giro system had integrated results (http://www.tourdegiro.com) .


(Gerrie Delport) #8

Kevin - I think there are not more comments because most people understand and assume that Zwift are working on a solution for the issue.


Matt - I agree Zwift should start to take racing seriously. I guess there are a lot more than 5% racers on zwift. I train 10 times more than I race but I train because there are races. 

I also think the groups that run races recruit a lot of new riders for zwift, they are also those that promote Zwift. 

Look at the TdF it is only a few guys racing but it gets thousands of people on bikes. 


I do not agree that Zwift should take over the 3rd arty apps, they should continue to build roads BUT give the 3rd parties the tools to manage and control who join a race, within reason. 

(Kevin Blades5960 (team lusso)) #9

@ Gerrie, i do hope you are correct on that; your in a team must be very frustrating for you guys. I was training much harder than normal due to zwiftpower, i feel i have lost my incentive a little bit since its shut down. Web page is still saying 8th of june i would be happier if we had some communication from both parties with an accurate reboot date