Tag riders with no HRM / Smart trainers

I know racing is not much of an issue for Zwift… as it is a “community problem”. Well I am pretty sure many racers would love to see:
A “red” tag of some sorts above a rider’s head so we can see he/she is not wearing a HRM, riding a non-smart trainer. Ok, it are not the Olympics but it surely messes up racing tactics with absurd “flyers” of all sorts.


Why? Why would I want to broadcast my HR? What tactical advantage does this offer to a racer? Or is it more about some anti-cheating scheme? In a real race, does it make since to broadcast your power or HR to other rider around you? Could you explain better what you mean?

In the real world, you would not be competing against a Dewalt. So, yes it would be good to know that when someone cranks out 500Watts he/she has a slightly increased HR …


Is the real world? like a race? or a casual ride with your mates for bragging rights? Please elaborate.