Tag riders with no HRM / Smart trainers

(Sige G. Race3R) #1

I know racing is not much of an issue for Zwift… as it is a “community problem”. Well I am pretty sure many racers would love to see:
A “red” tag of some sorts above a rider’s head so we can see he/she is not wearing a HRM, riding a non-smart trainer. Ok, it are not the Olympics but it surely messes up racing tactics with absurd “flyers” of all sorts.


(Obi dave Kenobe) #2

Why? Why would I want to broadcast my HR? What tactical advantage does this offer to a racer? Or is it more about some anti-cheating scheme? In a real race, does it make since to broadcast your power or HR to other rider around you? Could you explain better what you mean?

(Sige G. Race3R) #3

In the real world, you would not be competing against a Dewalt. So, yes it would be good to know that when someone cranks out 500Watts he/she has a slightly increased HR …

(Obi dave Kenobe) #4

Is the real world? like a race? or a casual ride with your mates for bragging rights? Please elaborate.