Tag ‘Favourite’ Workouts & organise into folders

There are a couple main requests here.

I love the structure of ERG workouts & workout plans, but many of my favourite workouts are buried deep within the various Workout Plans.

In addition, I understand the workout plans are intended to be followed strictly in the structured weekly lockout system, but I often find myself building up my fitness over the course of a plan, only to drop off again at the end when starting a new plan from the easier workouts at the beginning again.

The Zwift Racing plan is currently the only plan also available in the individual workouts section.

I just want to be able to rotate through some of my favourite workouts from the later parts of a plan to maintain that level of fitness going forward!

Please please please! ;

  1. add all workout plans into the individual workouts list (so easily implemented in a quick patch!)

  2. allow us to “Favourite” specific workouts and organise into simple folders at the top of the list

(for example, I might have folders for a ‘sweet spot day’, ‘VO2 max day’, ‘Over/Unders day’, ‘aerobic endurance day’ & the list goes on)

This could also so easily be implemented, and give us greater control to plan our workout sessions as we wish.

Giving us this flexibility would also let those of us who like the structured plans more easily dip out and join Zwift Events without completely messing up progress through a plan!

And Finally!

  1. To give us even greater control, allow us to set up our own ‘workout plan’ for a given week, setting ourselves workouts for specific days in advance to motivate and build some structure for ourselves outside the set workout plans.

This would be perfect to do from the app, setting our own targets!

This is my first time using these forums, but if you like these ideas please like and share the topic so more people can see it & thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions!