Tacx world championship men's race

“thanks” for ruin my chance on a Neo due to sever server issues.
Alone after 200m and the Zwift froze at the first left turn out on ocean bullovard :frowning:
After that it was inpossible to log on, app, site, and game all the same :frowning:

If KISS recorded any of your movement you are still in the draw.

On my part it was a great experience until I actually got a flat tire and had to withdraw. The only issues I had during the race were that my heart rate was displayed correctly only about 25% of the time and that even though I could see speech bubbles on other riders they were completely black.

Sorry for the frustration. You were not alone in experiencing problems – it was indeed a problem on the server end. Our monitoring tools noticed it as well, and the server team is investigating the cause now. Once we identify the cause and implement a remedy to prevent future recurrences, we will then begin the work of assessing why our testing missed the problem, and amending our testing procedures accordingly. We agree that server problems like this are not acceptable. 

The good news is all users who experienced this issue will still be entered into the contest to win goodies including the Tacx Neo. 


Anyone knows where I can find the list of lucky winners?

results are published by Glen Knight https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwiftriders

22 October at 14:09 ·
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Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. The prize draw for the Tacx World Championships presented by KISS. Apologies for the delay. To claim please email your zwift ID to giveaways@zwift.com CONGRATULATIONS ALL!


Women Marge Kleinhans Kaufmann (TFC) (D)
Men Hans Winter MGCC

Zwift Kit

Women Sharon MacMaster AHDR
Men Simon Bussey NTR

Bidon Women

Jonathan N Deborah Blake
Silke B (D)
Nerine Adams (WPTAZ)
Emelie Lindstrom

Bidon Men

Michael Collins
Darren Calvert
Adolph Restani
Lino Alimboyao
Dave Davala