tacx with power2max


i want to use zwift but i have some question (excuse me for my english but i’m french)

now I have a power2max and tacx blue matic . I just bought a USB DONGLE ANT+ I receive tomorrow.

\> How will he manage zwift resistance ??

\> I have also the possibility of buying a T2020 tacx . It is in the list of incompatible drag . But with my power2max it'll be the same thing ? thank you

Have you seen this https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/203152565-Which-trainers-does-Zwift-support- ?

The Tacx Blue Matic is supported via zPower.  I’m really not sure about the T2020 (i’d say no and avoid).  But as you’ve got a P2M, you don’t need zPower anyway.

Neither of those trainers will allow Zwift to control the resistance and you’ll have to do this manually.

If you want a new cheap Turbo and like Tacx, i’d recommend you get a Vortex Smart T2180.

Pair the Power2Max and it will report accurate power to Zwift and you’ll get in-game speed calculated accordingly.