Tacx Vortex spindown question?

Hello all,

I have been using the standard Tacx utility app via bluetooth to calibrate the Vortex prior to Zwifting for the past month but now i have purchased an ANT+. Can i now just use the Zwift spin down option/tool after i have done the 10 minute warm (pull over to the side of the road and spin down)? This would be ideal as opposed to warming up for 10mins etc then closing down zwift - connecting via bluetooth to calibrate to the Tacx app and then completing the calibration, disconnecting from the app and logging back on to Zwift?

Thanks in advance


The Tacx Vortex can be calibrated in Zwift, as long as you select the FE-C ANT+ protocol when pairing. Give it a spin! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info I will try it out, I did notice a few extra options when I tried to select the Vortex today via Ant+ as opposed to Bluetooth- I will search out the FE C option.


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