TACX Vortex smoking on Alpe Du Zwift after software upgrade

Hi, any TACX Vortex owners out there experienced this issue? I recently did the software upgrade to 3.1.22 / 1.1.3 having not carried out an upgrade for a few years. All was ok on Zwift while riding on the flat but as soon as I hit the Alpe Du Zwift and the electronic brake came on all went wrong. Cadence went sky high (100+) yet KPH was low (2kph). Then the burning smell started and smoke appeared out of the trainer. I have ridden the Alpe 5+ times before always in the same gear with roughly same cadence and speed so I know this is now wrong!
2 weeks later a friend of mine (whom I had not mentioned this issue to) called me for advice as she also has a Vortex, turns out she also had just done the upgrade, was getting the same cadence/speed mis-match, and was also producing a burning smell.
I reported this to TACX./Garmin who said it was a coincidence.

Interested to hear if anyone else has/had this please?