Tacx Vortex or Bushido

(Chris Leather) #1

Am looking to buy a smart trainer to get a bit more out of Zwift, and also hopefully slightly more accurate power readings etc.

From what I’ve read I’m almost about to pull the trigger on a Tacx Vortex. However, I’m wondering what the Bushido has that the Vortex doesn’t - and will this improve my Zwift experience?



(Frank van den Berg(ODZ-C)) #2

Tacx Vortex is slightly cheaper. Bushido has more breakpower.

Experience in Zwift is the same.

You should have look at the Genius, Iron man and Neo.

They have more breakpower and a downhill drive wich give you that extra downhill experience. With the Vortex and Bushide you need to pedal in downhill slopes.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

The Bushido does 15% grade simulation the Vortex does 7%, useful if you want full realism of Zwift.

The Bushido works without being plugged in, not essential but surprisingly handy.


You don’t have to pedal going down hill in Zwift, you just stop pedalling but your rider keeps going.

(Chris Leather) #4


I’ll probably go for the Bushido as there seem to be at least a couple of clear advantages.

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #5

FWIW, I have 3 of the Tacx Bushido Smarts and can’t recommend them enough.

If you race, this is the trainer you need.  Since it’s portable, you can take it with you on race day, set it up in a field with no power, and have a workout programmed into a smart phone or tablet that will run you through a defined warm-up.  There’s no better way to get prepped for a race than to truly know what power you’re putting out and to have the machine guarantee consistency.

I’ve posted a review of the Bushido Smart here:



Strongly recommended over the Vortex!


(Chris Leather) #6

Bushido on its way. Hope my Zwift power doesn’t go through the floor!

(Chris Leather) #7

D.O.A. having read a few forums I’m not sure whether to get something different as there seem to be huge reliability / QC issues with the Bushidos…

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #8

Odd.  What’s DOA on it?  No power at all when spinning it up?

Not only do I have 3 of them, our team did a big bulk buy of them and we got around 15 in total.  They’re all working like rock stars.

(Chris Leather) #9

Good to hear yours all work as I’m getting a replacement.

Problem is no info coming from the brake. Nothing when I connect via the app and nothing when I connect to TrainerRoad. 

Feels nice and smooth though…

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #10

Dumb question - did you do the firmware update?  

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #11

And dumb question #2 - how close is your USB dongle?

Mine and all my mates’ has to be within 1-2’ of the brake unit.  Any farther and it’s a no go.

(Chris Leather) #12

The app said the firmware was up to date, so I don’t think it was that.

USB was probably about a bikes length away. It did get picked up, but no power / speed.

There’s a thread here which describes the problem exactly as mine:

Anyhow, it’s getting collected tomorrow and then hopefully a new one in a few days…

(Chris Leather) #13

Seems like I fixed it…

When I was packing the unit up I noticed the right side of the brake case was not ‘clicked’ together properly. I pushed it into place and am now receiving power data.

Strange thing is though it works on everything (phone, zwift, TR) except the iPad mini - which seems to have connectivity issues.