TacX Vortex - Massive watts upon sync completion

Hey fellow Zwifters. I am not sure if this is something for TacX to look at or zwift or its just my device but i wanted to see if anyone else has this.

When I first load up Zwift and connect my Vortex via blutooth, it reads outputs at a massive 10,000+ watts. This last for maybe 5 seconds tops. I’ve learned to make sure I am on the main menu as a result when I sync because if I sync the trainer and Im digitally clipped in, my rider takes off like a rocket to space.

While it is nothing huge ,I have unlocked multiple achievments as a result of this Sync error that I otherwise would have had trouble reaching. I.E. any sprint related/high wattage achievment

Has anyone found a work around? It happens with all firmware updates.

The scoop
I purchased my TacX vortex used off Amazon about 8 months ago
Trainor is used on average 3-4 days a week tops.