Tacx T2170 i-Vortex VR Trainer


So I have a Tacx T2170 i-Vortex VR Trainer and although it transmits power and speed etc the automatic brake does not work.  It does when using the Tacx sotware so it is a Zwift thing.    Does anyone know whether it is because this trainer is not supported in this way or should it be working.



(Jamie Heeds (B)) #2

I have the same trainer and would also like to know what I can do with this trainer. It doesn’t appear to be supported by TACX for a firmware upgrade for FE-C but I don’t know why that would be since as you say it can transmit all that data to the TACX software. The T2180 unit is listed as supported and that’s a cheaper trainer!

Would love some help on this…anyone?

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #3

With the T2180 (Tacx Vortex Smart) has support for FE-C, unfortunately the T2170 has not. Zwift can’t control the unit.

The T2170 is cheaper then the T2180 because it has a head-unit, where the T2180 has not. But with overall support with 3rd party applications the T2180 is the better trainer. Sorry that you have the wrong one.

(Gerard Val [HIK] (C)) #4

I have the i-Vortex T2170 and after I updated the firmware it works fine with Zwift.

The brake works just fine. I don’t believe that the 2180 is “better” than the 2170.

(Jamie Heeds (B)) #5

How did you update the firmware please as it doesn’t appear to work with the iOS app at all?

(Gerard Val [HIK] (C)) #6

I used the Tacx Utility app on my iPhone. I had no trouble at all.

Version 1.2.14 Tacx utility.

(Jamie Heeds (B)) #7

Are you sure you have 2170 as tacx tell me it won’t work as its a hardware limitation.

(Gerard Val [HIK] (C)) #8

Jamie, I am very verry sorry. I thought I have a 2170 but it’s a 2180.


(Kevin Carlson) #9

Sorry but how did yyou get your I-Vortex to show power and cadence? I have not even been able to see that.

(Gerard Val [HIK] (C)) #10

@Kevin: As I said in my previos post: I have the vortex smart with the “Upgrade-Smart”. The i-Vortex wil not work with Zwift.

See: https://www.tacx.com/en/products/trainers/vortex-smart?lang=en-US

Regards GerardV.

(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #11

Dear, with an i-Vortex T2170 can I connect with zwift. Cadence meter and heart rate monitor. As a trainer, I take the Booster on the page by zwift. On the zwift page is now everything connects. If I start online with cycling remains the cyclist on the side stand still. Heart rate and cadance are shown. What could be the cause?

Regards K.P.

(Gerard Val [HIK] (C)) #12

For all I know the T2170 is not supported. In this post:


is explained why:

Unsupported Trainers and Devices

While we try to support as many trainers as possible, there are some systems which use proprietary ANT+ channels, preventing us from reading their signal.

There are also various trainers and devices that do not broadcast an ANT+ signal at all, making it impossible to read from them.


(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #13

To come back on the i-Vortex T2170 it is very strange that the I-Flow is found with the same devices such as Garmin heart rate monitor and Cadence sensor. The typer USb dongle that is used is also the same T2028 by Tacx. I continue to research and am going to try the same laptops use. My suspicion is there because on the page of zwift called heart rate and to see cadance on the i-T2170 Vortex are only the cyclist would not start. Hopefully more later:)

Can let you know that the list of classic trainers can add one more further namely this tacx VR-TRAINER TACX I-FLOW T2270 works perfectly with zwift because do on this tacx device my workouts.
Please note this is not a smart trainer.

Regards K.P

(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #14

Dear, this evening at my tacx VR-TRAINER TACX I-FLOW T2270 the power disconnected. Only the USB dongle Tacx 2028 is in the laptop. Heart rate monitor and Cadence connecting. The rear wheel of my bike has no resistance and was not against the tacx role. Zwift software is started and what shows everything worked perfectly and the cyclist was riding on the road.

When the intent of my compiling. Just want to clearly see any rolling resistance be used that it must work if there is only one hartslameter and Cadence meter is present. Have here at home all different lineups. All I set my bike between two baking beer and heart rate monitor and Cadence sensor is present then it works still on zwift. All ANT + USB dongle with Tacx 2028!

Not understand why there is on the website States that some devices would not work? If one talks about to arrange wattage is, of course, what else. At classic line up with only heart rate monitor and Cadence meter I see no problem for any setup I take.

And that the I-vortex T2170 would not work on Zwift that I can’t believe but that’s for tomorrow. We then test it further.


(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #15

Can confirm that the tacx-Vortex T2170 and the T2160 wont work on Zwift as I have already said in my previous post!
Just get a USB ANT + dongle and ANT + Cadence and Hrm and zwfit there but instant with any trainer. The shown wattage as the no smart trainer is you have but with korel salt:):p.



(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #16

Still something myself have the VR TRAINER TACX I-FLOW T2270 no smart trainer. Itself I work now with two dongles ANT +. one for the zwift software and one for the Tacx sowftware advanced. Now I have with the tacx software more fun to drive on zwift because otherwise I can not check the wattage and now pleasant drive and also more pleasant to the touch. Maybe I can help with this tip other that no smart trainer have to do the same as I do!